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One BIG LIE? Globalization! From Feelings, Body Snatchers and Division Lines to a Better Self ~ By Rossana Condoleo


If Globalization is a lie, I have to give you the truth. The second truth is that I have no solutions for improving the world. I just have one for improving yourself! 😉

First, before thinking Global, we must be sure that we have no fear of the wider world.

Fears limit our horizon, and this is known by babies and chickens too. But fears are also there to protect us; nature provided us all with fears, as a survival instinct. I have a couple of very strong fears myself! Sometimes fears play an important role in our growth, since they push us into action. But the first aspect, Fear = Protection, is more subtle; it triggers defense mechanisms which sometimes are life-saving, other times alienate us from life. The fear of being refused, for example,  Read more…

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