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I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

– Charles F. Haanel 1866 – 1949

Writer, businessman, member of the American Society of Physical Research

Divorce can affect your mental balance up to the point that a wide variety of nervous disorders may occur, ranging from stress, panic attacks, depression, burnout, and psychosomatic illnesses, up to overreacting to any further problems that come your way so that you lose control of your life or part of it. All the procedures linked to a divorce are incredibly energy consuming. And this is a matter of fact. Hence, our strategy is to save and even multiply your energies.  You are abandoning a painful highway and are going to feel lighter, happier, and conscious of your own strengths.

– First: Calm Down! DIVORCE STRESS

This can be achieved in different ways, and the good news is that these are all pleasant.

If you exchange a considerable amount of correspondence and have numerous meetings and calls with legal advisors, public authorities, and so on and so forth, assign this information and these calls and meetings a limited time and space in your mind and in your schedule.

happy divorceI have opened my own correspondence with my lawyer only when I was calm enough to read it, but also soon enough not to get haunted by it. Do not postpone. Work at solving your problems as soon as they come; otherwise they pile up and look even drearier, more or less like a black, sticky mass of tar. This does not mean you will be always able to manage them in holy tranquility. Divorce can be a hard, nerve-tensing process, particularly when you’re married to a shark. →READ MORE→

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