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Rossana Condoleo 

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I am not shy but quite a private person. I like talking to people directly and preferably one-by-one rather than addressing an uncountable audience. I find this kind of closeness in the relationship between my “book” reader and me. This is why I usually prefer to write books than to post on my social networks. Other than most Internet Surfers/Digital Information Consumers (AKA “5-second” Visitors), my “book” reader doesn’t happen to just read my stuff; he/she strongly wants and deliberately decides to come close to me and to dedicate lots of time for us to meet in the mystical realm of important and special relationships. I look for that fantastic cosy moment when he/she sits down on the couch, with a smile and a coffee, pre-tasting the joy of reading me. What follows is just magic! Generally, female writers write for the reader, while male writers write for themselves (it is archetypal) and in my case, I must tell you that it is 100% true. My love for my “book” reader goes above and beyond; we need and we give each other real involvement and commitment, just like in a good marriage. I could write for hours about why I feel more inspired and at ease there, in my books, instead of here in the Internet, but I am sure my 5 seconds are already over.

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Rossana CondoleoRossana Condoleo