Happy Divorce by Rossana Condoleo

How to turn your divorce into the most brilliant and rewarding opportunity of your life!

DIVORCE = REBIRTH: Forget the past, replan your life, improve your appearance & rejuvenate! Empowered, transformed and ready to enjoy your next life.

Not only is HAPPY DIVORCE a road map for anyone negotiating the brutal minefield of separation and divorce, it is also a Transformational Guide unfolding your True Self and Purposes and helping you to Turn your Divorce into the Most Brilliant and Rewarding Opportunity of Your Life! You will measure your success in terms of accrued, genuine and permanent Inner Happiness, while taking your Self-Awareness to a New Edge: this will positively impact your decisions, your social & work life and, ultimately, your future.

This guide delivers a two-part approach:


  • How to cope with the stress and pain of divorce.
  • Easing frustration and regaining a sense of control over your life and future.
  • Uncovering and embracing your visions: you real Self, your dreams and your purpose.
  • Setting new goals in every aspect of life.
  • Creating inner balance and 24/7 happiness.
  • And much, much more…
Happy Divorce


  • How to manage your social life (as a separated/divorced person), as well as contacts and relationships with your ex-husband/wife and their family/friends.*
  • Building self-confidence while improving your appearance.
  • Helping children understand while looking after their best interests.
  • Taking care of a home on your own.
  • Choosing and dealing with divorce lawyers: what to ask and expect.
  • Getting back to love and dating.
  • And again, much more pertinent guides.

The author inspires with humor, keeping you motivated and positive from the first to the last page. “A MUST-READ for all Men and Women facing Separation and Divorce!”


Rossana Condoleo’s ‘Happy Divorce’ is one of those rare gems that bring back your faith in humanity. Divorce is ugly, but you don’t actually have to “die” from it. […] And perhaps it’s safe to say ‘Happy Divorce’ is the post-divorce guide on how to bounce back and regain your strength and happiness, for real. With the right proactive attitude, you can turn what might be the bleakest chapter of your life into a pivotal moment toward genuine fulfillment.The book is exhaustively detailed–Condoleo does not leave a stone unturned in her discussion of the many, multifaceted aspects of a divorce. […] and when the couple separates, it can be a massive task of trying to achieve something win-win while doing what you can to stifle all the ill feelings you have toward your soon-to-be-ex partner.[…]
[…] the book does NOT glorify divorce–it does not aim to take the matter of divorce lightly, as if it were something that can be taken in stride, after which you can merely dust it off your clothes and sally forth into the sunset. What the book IS about, however, is a courageous “push” toward the right direction–after all, if divorce is inevitable, your attitude towards it can make or break you as a person. And what better way to move on and pick up the pieces of your broken self than Condoleo’s reassuring, confidence-boosting words found in this book?
Overall, this ‘Happy Divorce’ is a life-saver. Yes, a divorce can be crippling–but you can turn it into a glass half-full thing and transform it into a positive turning point in your life. Condoleo’s insight is so spot-on–it brims with that powerful wisdom that shines only because it is truthful. […] Five stars, no less.”

~ New York Book Pundit

With a two-part approach, Rossana Condoleo’s HAPPY DIVORCE shows readers how to turn their divorce into the most empowering and transformative opportunity of a lifetime. Part One offers support and comfort for women coping with the stress and pain of separation and divorce. From there, she moves into. helping uncover and embrace the readers’ visions, true Self, dreams, and purpose, setting goals along the way.
Part Two is very practical advice for everything from managing social life post-divorce, helping children cope and understand the shifts, taking care of a home on your own, choosing and dealing with divorce lawyers, and many more guides. Anyone looking for a one-two-punch of compassion and advice in the wake of a divorce should grab a copy ASAP!

~ Emma Johnson, Author of “The Kickass Single Mom”