Eclectic Forward Thinker, International Book Author and a Life-Coach dedicated to Helping People live a Happy and more Fulfilled Life.

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SOME HISTORY – I have been an Expert contributor to,, and; I no longer provide unpaid contributions and assistance to blogs and websites.  – I was a Partner Coach at INVIVOPLAY (Life-Coaching International Website and APP with seat in Sweden) up to the time it closed, in 2014.

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My interest in Psychology, and later in Positive Psychology, dates back to the 80s. From that time, voracious reading (I started with Freud, Jung and Fromm) and experimenting on myself, my family and my circle of friends made my approach more structured and scientific. Finally, this became such an intrinsic part of my inner self that I couldn’t really separate spiritual teachings and science from what is my great intuition and the ability to almost read into people’s hearts. I was astonished, as a young woman, to find out that people much older than me came to me for advice about relationships, work and personal problems. The light on their face and the telephone calls which followed to thank me, confirmed that they had taken the right way forward and that I was of help. I chose stress disorders and family therapy as subjects for my thesis; positive psychology always helped and sustained me.

COACHING STYLE – In my coaching practice I follow the code of ethics and rules set forth by most international coaching federations, but I am an independent Coach because I don’t like to stick to rigid structures and doctrines of this or that school. I’d rather use integrated methods, tapping from my >35-years of learning, experience and practice in modern and ancient philosophy, psychology, sociology, medicine, meditation, visualization, Reiki (I have accomplished level 1 and 2, this last allowing a broader energy work by eliminating space and time frames), analysis, sustainable self-improvement (both for appearance and inner-self), business management, natural wisdom and common sense.

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CLIENT=FRIEND APPROACH – I have a personal approach to my friends – this is who the people I help are! No forms to fill…We talk! This special relationship opens the door to knowledge and helps me assist you at best; I can tailor conversations (life-coaching sessions) and solutions (exercises and training to do as homework when needed) to your specific personality and the microcosm you live in. Be it work, family, relationships or personal sphere, your self-development will not follow a standard route, simply because nobody is either a standard person or a standard friend!

HAPPY “FRIENDS”! – I am proud to say that I am a successful coach, and that my friends usually need only a few sessions in order to start experiencing their wished for improvements. Often the walls which surround you are made of sand… and can be easily broken. Other times, the walls are really twice as thick as they appear and time, motivation and more systemic changes are needed to break them down and set you free. I am a good motivator, but I need you to come to me because you are really willing to make a difference in your life!

SIMPLICITY – I use the same simple language with people of any cultural level. Only simple words can convey universal important concepts about happiness, fulfillment and love; think of Gandhi or Martin Luther King! Simple expressions connect directly with your inner Self. Inspiration works much better than training, much faster, and it is really empowering.

AWARENESS – There are techniques which are used to make people respond and act, but not aware of the process they are going through. I believe, on the contrary, that you have to go shortly through awareness, to understand what is going on and accept it, before moving forward. Only so, can you build your new self-confidence and happiness on stable foundations. You will be able to use your acquired strength over and over again in all your endeavors in the future. Other than many coaches, I do not favor dependent behaviors. I like you to fly away from me, with your own wings, as soon as possible, and tell me “I feel awesome!” from above the clouds.

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FLUIDITY AND TRUST – Besides the results attained by my friends, I am really proud of the trust we build from the very first session… something which goes beyond words… It is a heavenly condition of closeness combined with a feeling of security. Another thing I am often told is: “It seems I have known you for ages!” and that only after a few minutes talk. Our conversations are blessed places where we let ourselves flow: You are like a river, I am like a feeder. Water is transparent, simple, and available to mix with other elements … If you are insecure, unhappy, or unfulfilled, I will find a way to help you, since there is no greater victory, for me, than to see you smile at life again.


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