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A Guide on Happiness and Love

Being single and parenting at the same time is no longer a far-fetched idea. Our day and age have seen numerous parents making a living on their own. The fine art of juggling kids, work, social life, and prospective dating occasions have become the topic of many books on the market, while online dating sites have increasingly been introducing support and functionality to accommodate members with children.

Life as a single parent has long since lost its title of being the epitome of loneliness, and nor should it be labeled as such any longer! Your happiness should not be dictated by the relationships in your life (or the lack thereof). We, as single parents, are entitled to as much joy and satisfaction in life as any other person. I for one consider myself – a single mother of a cheerful, joyous 8-year old daughter – as a living testimony of this fact! I have discovered that finding joy and happiness as a single parent is not only possible, but rather easy when you approach it with the right attitude.

This book is my contribution to the single-parent community – a guide to happiness and love. It is packed with tailored tips that will point your mind in the right direction and shape your attitude. To alleviate depression and hurt, all you need is to discover a different perspective on life and re-evaluate your ideas of happiness. And that is what this book aims to achieve! This book is NOT about parenting. Although it will not teach you how to treat your children, it will certainly clear your mind of hurtful thoughts, creating more room for you to figure such methods out in your own time.

The book starts off with a definition of true happiness and also discusses the traps that people fall into soon after becoming single. It then proceeds to lead you through the entire process of transformation, one aspect of life at a time. It tackles problems at the roots and solves it there. This book is packed with suggestions of small changes that you can implement in your life that will combine and build up to produce big rewards and permanent results!

Also included is a section on online dating, with topics such as getting more clicks on online dating sites, making it through the first date, analyzing your feelings, falling in love all over again, and ensuring you have the right state of mind when making important choices. Getting to know your new love while supporting your little one through the process is a tall order, and this book will help you navigate the waters. However, I believe that once you start the journey towards regaining happiness in every part of your life, you will become increasingly more prepared to date a new partner.

This book is partly a reflection of my personal journey through the process of single parenting and is sure to inspire you to attain new levels of joy in the lives of you and your children. My aim is to see you rising up from your living room couch, feeling refreshed and inspired, ready to start the process of change and revitalize your emotional state.

Join me on this journey to rediscover and see what the right attitude can bring you about in terms of “HAPPINESS” & “LOVE”!

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eBook, PAPERBACK – Black & White and PAPERBACK – Full Color Illustrated Editions

single parents single parents   “For Single Parents” is Motivational, Inspirational, Life-Coaching

Top Customer Reviews of “For Single Parents” on Amazon

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

My sister-in-law recently became a single mom to twin four year old boys. I know she is struggling, and I really want to help her cope. I love reading self help books so I wanted to find a great one.
This one jumped out at me, and I’m so glad it did. I decided to download a sample to check it out before gifting it to her… instead I ended up buying and reading it myself!I absolutely loved it. The advice given is so relevant and amazing. The way it is presented makes it really easy to understand and read.
Needless to say I will be gifting it to my sister-in-law and telling all my friends about it. Single parent or not, this book is well worth reading. More than once!

Format: Kindle Edition

In more ways than one this book symbolises the journey of humanity. Water exists in three forms – solid ice, liquid water and gaseous vapour. 99% of humanity is ice; rigid, unyielding and holding onto views or beliefs that have been held for ages. One example that comes to mind from this book is – A bad marriage is better than no marriage. A common phrase you will hear when it’s time to get married is – Don’t aim to high, aim low and be safe. Rossana is transitioning from inflexible ice to fluid water.

Tongue firmly in cheek, Rossana says -If you want big fish, offer bigger bait. She’s a beautiful woman whose first marriage fell apart. She candidly confesses that she capitulated to the charms of an immature college student who fell in love with her sweet ass. It’s common. Beautiful woman have more problems to deal with when it comes to men and many are overwhelmed by all the attention, leading to unwise choices.

The best part about the book is that the author does not support the concept of single parenthood. She wants to move forward and she wants to help others move forward. Letting go of the past, meeting new partners and forming great relationships is what this book is really about. There’s a lot of practical advice and great tips throughout this book for both men and women.

Highly recommended for Single Parents.

Format: Kindle Edition

Despite not being divorced and not having to be a single parent (and I have no desire to be either) I became a fan of Rossana when I heard some wonderful comments about her previous book “Happy Divorce”. So I read it and was hooked. When ‘For Single Parents’ came out I just knew I had to read it and I was not disappointed. It is full of useful, thought provoking and entertaining guides, tips and exercises to help people to find them selves and to rediscover a life above and beyond just being a parent/child’s taxi service or cash dispenser.
Rossana injects it all with poetic intelligence and an element of humor that keeps it approachable and easy to follow. Also the color version is full of beautiful artwork and photos that add to the pleasure of reading it.
Single parent looking for more, or not, this book is a wonderful read and well worth buying.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

“For Single Parents” is an absolutely wonderful book from start to finish, for several reasons. The first thing that stood out to me is the uplifting, conversational tone of the writing style that the author uses – she does a great job of setting an inspiring and cheerful mood and vibe that stays with the book from start to finish.

I like this book because the author offers an approach that combines education and lessons with pure pleasurable reading; she knows exactly how to get a good point across and be elegant and eloquent about it at the same time. There’s no jargon or terminology that goes WAY over the reader’s head – it’s simple an above-average book written for your average, everyday person in hopes of leading them on a journey to happiness.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This is a very attractive book with the formatting and illustrations that add a really cheery touch. The writing is similarly cheerful, even though some of the topics are daunting Rossana Condoleo writes in an upbeat and optimistically encouraging way. This is definitely about more than just dating, mostly about being happy really. There are some real snippets of wisdom presented so simply that it almost takes you aback, such as in the section about solving problems – advice that is applicable to any area of anyone’s life. I have some friends I will encourage to pick up a copy too.
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