This is my little gift to you for the 2020 and all the years to come. 😉

  1. LOOK AT THE PICTURE: Please read s-l-o-w-l-y. Then choose one of the three possibilities and write it down.
  2. Let yourself two minutes time to ponder on this statement and write down the meaning YOU give to it.
  3. Then think in general on how much time you are allowed or you allow yourself for “free thinking”. Is that enough?

THINKING IS LIKE DOUGH. Depending on time and conditions (low temperature, not enough fluids, for example) the dough will not rise, or will rise very slowly, or will rise too much and will possibly generate digestion problems. Sometimes good doughs (neapolitan pizza, brioche for example) need 48 hours rise! – Rossana Condoleo


Feel free to use the image for your own posts (free image).

Rossana Condoleo

Eclectic Forward Thinker, International Writer, Author and Life-Coach dedicated to Helping People live a Happy and more Fulfilled Life. Rossana Condoleo advises and coaches on Relationships issues, Personal Development/Improvement, Life Crisis and Inner Happiness.

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