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THE BOOK IS OUT. Please click on this link to land on the book page. Thank you!

“I am proud to announce the Cover Reveal of my Inspirational, Motivational and Coaching Book IF YOU WANT YOU CAN FLY”

Rossana Condoleo


An Inspirational and Motivational Book Coaching Single Moms & Single Dads in their Quest for Love, Happiness and Fulfilling Relationships

If coping with life is not an easy task for everyone, at certain stages – at least for a Single Parent – it becomes a daily act of heroism. This pleasant, uplifting read provides Single Moms and Dads with personal focus and thought-provoking, entertaining guides, tips and exercises helping them rediscover a life above and beyond just being a parent/child’s taxi service or cash dispenser.

ABOUT: 24/7 Happiness inside, love, fulfilling relationships, problem solving, becoming and finding the right partner for life, (online) dating, surviving divorce/a breakup, creating quality time with children, a balanced – strong – confident Self, benefiting from experiences and much much more.

Author: © Rossana Condoleo
Copy-Editing: The Pedantic Punctuator
Book Cover and Interior Design: © Rossana Condoleo
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Copyright © 2017 Rossana Condoleo. All rights reserved
Paperback and Hardcover 6 x 9 inches - 194 pages

The book will be available in the first half of November also as Kindle / E-Book



THE BOOK IS OUT. Please click on this link to land on the book page. Thank you!

JUST BETWEEN US – Chapter 1.

Did you ever finish the toilet tissue and repeatedly look at the empty roll while having to grasp for an alternative? It looks back at you, sarcastically reminding you: “Oh God, how miserable your life is! You don´t even have the time to go and shop for new toilet paper!” You must be a top-manager without a maid, or a single mom/dad. In the last instance you would never postpone replenishing the contents of your fridge with all your children’s needs, I can put my hand on fire on it!

If I ever write my memoirs, I’ll need three volumes to tell my entire story. This is why each time I start to talk about myself in written form, I stop almost immediately; it’s also one of the two reasons why you find almost no personal information about me on the internet or anywhere else (the second being Privacy Protection). The heavy load of events, problems, restrictions and limitations I had and still have to deal with from the past fifteen years (since I moved abroad to marry and divorce from what was to become the most negative person in my past, present, and future life) is just overwhelming. But I never like to entertain myself or my readers with my personal dramas, at least, not my private ones. Instead, I’d like to share the way I really see my life… infinitely brighter than it really is, and help you understand how you can grasp so much inner happiness and balance, that you won´t need anything except your increased inner strength to cope with whatever life and other people throw at you. The advice, ideas and practices you’re going to read and learn, have been used by myself to make me strong, rock-like; and those strengths are the same ones I’ve passed on to the people I’ve motivated and inspired so far, both personally and through my writings.

I am very romantic and sensitive, to the point where I’ve written more than six hundred poems in my early life (some of which have been collected and published). However, in my capacity as a life-coach, for example in this book, it is my sense of humor which takes the stage. My personal style reveals that despite my life sometimes being overly-difficult, I am at peace with myself and can smile and be happy to the point of infecting many others with happiness. It is truly possible to transform our lives for the better, independently from whatever problems befall us. Some embrace religious beliefs and pray to gods to sustain their hopes and fulfill their need of security, a security which slips away from us many times each week… in fact, far too many days each year…

Eventually, we come to the obvious conclusion that life is, more often than not, something that can’t be wished or prayed for. You need no God other than yourself to feel grounded, strong, whole, balanced, and happy. As a matter of fact, everyone can become his/her own ‘Home’, the one most people around the world are unsuccessfully seeking from other places and other people. It is, indeed, inside us: it is portable and cozy and most of all, nobody can take it away.

Now, if coping with life is not an easy task for everyone, at certain stages – at least for a single parent – it becomes a daily act of heroism. I am a big provider, both financially and emotionally; someone who undertakes huge responsibilities, and I blame myself for being like that – because my life would be a lot easier if I could only spend more time centering myself. Almost all single parents are providing more, both financially and emotionally, than average parents do for their children. Among other things, we feel a need to compensate for what our children do not have and enjoy: two parents together – a complete family. Even when our children are happy with their situation (which we take to mean never ‘fully happy’), we still feel that we need to do whatever we can to help them overcome what we see as missing normality. That’s why most single parents are overwhelmed by balancing  work life and exclusive, twenty four hours a day caregiving: matching children’s timetables/accidents/problems with a full time job requires a high degree of mastery if you want to keep your job!

I can’t guarantee you that you’ll start controlling your life more capably after reading and practicing with me and my book, but I promise you that you’ll feel a lot more fulfilled in yourself by assimilating and following my advice. This is about happiness, love, dating, relationships, and self-development; how to cope with problems, become and find the right partner for life, becoming more self-confident and lots, lots more. It is a ‘pleasant, uplifting read’, my readers tell me. It also contains six coaching exercises (most of them with multiple tasks to complete) which really help – believe me – to get a handle on your life, and help prepare you as a prospective partner.

The children? They’re in here too, don’t worry. We could never forget about them, even if we wanted to! But in my book YOU are the very center of my attention and care. They will enjoy having a happy mom or dad, instead of dealing with a sad face to eat dinner with. Now, let me wish you a successful and constructive future, filled with happiness and love!

THE BOOK IS OUT. Please click on this link to land on the book page. Thank you!

Rossana Condoleo

Eclectic Forward Thinker, International Writer, Author and Life-Coach dedicated to Helping People live a Happy and more Fulfilled Life. Rossana Condoleo advises and coaches on Relationships issues, Personal Development/Improvement, Life Crisis and Inner Happiness.

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