Personal Happiness I don’t know how many of you get busy with your dreams… Me not so much… normally. At times, though, I assign them the importance they deserve, because night dreams are closely connected with our happiness.

Freud, the father of Psychoanalysis based a large part of his work on dreams. For our ancestors, as well as Aboriginal Australians and some subcultures worldwide, dreams are a common and valued conversation topic, a linking bridge between what we consider a night’s thinking pause and our normal day’s thinking activity.

Indeed, many great ideas come out while sleeping or right before. So… we take no real thinking break while sleeping!

Now, imagine you are an Airplane with Pilot (the Captain) and Co-Pilot. What happens during intercontinental flights?

personal happiness

After a few hours the captain is tired and takes a nap, while the co-pilot takes full control of the airplane. There is indeed a shift change when we go to bed: our conscious mind, the Captain, has worked all day long, is tired and gets asleep. Meanwhile, the subconscious mind, the Co-Pilot – responsible for keeping an eye on our devices (physical functions, senses… we can still breath, smell and hear while sleeping, for example) – takes full control of our body and mind! During this long time frame, our subconscious is completely free to do what it does at its best: satisfying our basic needs. They are physical and emotional needs, also and particularly those we do not take into consideration during our day’s life, either because they are uncomfortable and must be postponed/ignored, or because we consider them no priority; other subjects are central for our conscious mind, like performance and success. As long as the Captain sleeps, the Co-Pilot/subconscious mind flies us to Wonderland (dreams) and turbulence is also common (nightmares).

Apart from symbols which Freudian psychologists like to decode according to certain questionable one-way theories,

dreams often deliver clear, direct hints about life spots needing more light, i.e. more attention, time and dedication from us if we want to be “genuinely happy“.

Genuinely… not happy in the way we believe i.e. our conscious mind believes we will be happy. Please, don’t forget that we were born with pure sense and pure sensibility, “tabula rasa” (Latin for blank slate) and at any additional second of life, the conscious mind sprays layers of experiences, learning and people/institutions expectations over our persona. Layer after layer the wonderful baby we were at birth, a pure artwork of Nature, changes its shape; that shape has often little to do with the original design of Nature. It becomes more and more a Pilot!

As said, sometimes we are misled by society and social trends and we believe we are truly happy because we have added something to our possessions (small and big ones), like a brand new tablet, or have been just hired  as Head of Finance at the X SUPER company.

personal happiness.

But genuine happiness is the happiness you see in the smile of a child playing in a puddle, or that of two lovers kissing for the first time! It is native happiness and it belongs to us as species. We have an incredible number of muscles allowing us to smile and are to be found in no other species on Earth.

Dreams send you lot of clues on how to obtain genuine personal happiness.

Dreams are your unconscious voice. Even during hard times and setbacks, when repeated nightmares are often the case, the Co-Pilot wants to fly us to Wonderland, by urging us to solve our problems asap to be able to live, afterwards, a much happier, trouble-free and fulfilled life. We do not need a dream-decoder! To familiarize with this subject, we just need to extract the stories and images from our dreams as we do by reading a book. We have to grasp their moral to get to know better what is happening inside ourselves, what are our real and deepest needs. And then we can make changes accordingly. For example, dreaming of grandma could mean that we need more love and support, and not only that we miss her. Dreaming of flying can tell that we feel chained to an undesirable reality. Dreaming of eating a cake is the most obvious signal that we must be on a diet or that anyway the body needs sugar to work properly. Dreaming of kissing an unknown person and waking up with a feeling of romance, as it really happened, can tell a lot about a need of life energy in the love department, even if it seems that we are content with a present partner or with single life.

personal happiness

We do not have to be deprived of our emotions (denaturation), but it is actually what happens as we give up on our dreams. We make too many compromises, since we learn that it is good doing so.

We create peace around us, but not within us!

personal happiness

We let our life be modeled by external needs, and I know it too well! We are interconnected and we must be responsible for our children. We cannot always take risks which could be detrimental for people we love. In essence, most of us are not really free to do what they really want.

For a long time, in the night I have often dreamt of going around unknown cities, without knowing where I was and where I went to.

personal happiness

In reality I have never got lost in a new town! Not knowing where I was and where I was meant to go, could only mean that I did not feel at home where I live (a town center). Indeed, I would like to have a small farm on the highlands, raise a few dairy animals and hens, and run a self-sufficient life while happily writing books.

personal happiness

Actually, I have a daughter aged 10 and live in the city! I cannot take my child away from civilization. Some people do it, but I can’t… Should I ever came to that idea, my ex-husband, the father of my child, would file for sole custody right away… and win!

Any little step forward in the direction of our true and liberated Self, means progression in the direction of genuine happiness… I now grow blueberries (4 pots), strawberries (5 pots) and raspberries (2 pots) on my terrace, in the city, and tomatoes will add up. My daughter and I are much happier than growing only flower plants. It is no farm on the highlands, and I cannot keep cows and goats and hens on my terrace; perhaps bees in the future! But we still have got a piece of nature, growing and producing wonderful colors and tastes for eyes, hearts and mouth.

personal happiness

It is a long time since I have dreamed of getting lost in an unknown town! 😉

Our subconscious tells no lies!

By understanding what dreams try to communicate to us, we can build a bridge between what we think we should do and be and what our nature is willing to accomplish.

personal happiness

Happiness delivers pure life energy: we must try to do our best to get closer and closer to our inner Self and release our full potential.

personal happiness

If you don’t remember you dreams, don’t worry. When they are intended to highlight a crucial spot in your life, you will remember them!


Rossana Condoleo

Rossana Condoleo

Eclectic Forward Thinker, International Writer, Author and Life-Coach dedicated to Helping People live a Happy and more Fulfilled Life. Rossana Condoleo advises and coaches on Relationships issues, Personal Development/Improvement, Life Crisis and Inner Happiness.

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